We publish thoughtful and wholesome games that are slightly off the beaten path. Our name, How To Steam Broccoli, comes from the idea that when you steam broccoli just right the color is more vibrant and it's better, but if you overdo it or undercook it you won't capture all the goodness. That’s our approach to games. Make sure it’s got everything it needs to be fun and interesting, but don’t add so much that it starts getting worse. We want to focus on games that facilitate positive interaction between players and engage your mind in interesting ways.

  • Mark McGee

    Mark McGee

    I’ve been a game designer for most of my life. I used to work in video games and really started focusing on tabletop game design about a decade ago. I’m a hybrid creative mind and analyst, and I like games that are interactive and thoughtful. My wife gave me the kick in the pants I needed to take the leap from just doing game design to also publishing games. She and my 3 kiddos all tell me they are excited to see what we can do.

  • Stephen Herr

    Stephen Herr

    I'm an avid game player. I tend to like medium-length strategy games, but my wife is much more inclined towards short "fun games". I'm interested in seeing more games enter the world that can scratch both itches at the same time. I handle a lot of the technical stuff around here when I'm not being mobbed by my three kiddos.

  • Kevin Ude

    Kevin Ude

    I'm a game designer who also enjoys working in other creative areas like conceptual art, nursery rhymes, and math. I believe that games should add delight to the world, and be fun and interesting whether you are expecting to win or have no hope of winning. I also have three kiddos, but only if I exaggerate by one.